My companies have been using Cape Coral Accounting Service for over 12 years, and have always been completely satisfied. Lori and her staff do an excellent job and are punctual on all the various job request and filings that need to be done. I have on occasion needed extra assistance and Cape Coral Accounting Service was there for me with their “Can Do” attitude to make my life easier. On a personal level, they also handle my personal tax affairs with the same efficiency. Cape Coral Accounting Service is an asset to our business but also considered a friend.

David F., Insurance Company

As an International Real Estate investor from Australia it is necessary for us to employ an US accountant to handle our US taxation. Cape Coral Accounting provide an excellent service and go above and beyond normal service to meet our needs. It is reassuring to have this professional link in the US to act on our behalf, and they respond quickly to any inquiries/issues we may have. They communicate effectively with excellent response time

Tina and Martin J.

The Cape Coral Accounting team is efficient and professional in all their work. They know our business and personal needs and exceed our expectations. They have a great accounting team!


Lori Moore and Cape Coral Accounting have been doing our personal and our corporate tax returns for MTM Real Estate Corp since about 1998. I couldn’t be happier with their services and highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for new or a change their existing tax preparation service.

Lori and Whitney are reliable, accurate, and responsive to all my questions and needs. I am very happy to know them and to have them as part of my “team” and look to many more years of doing business together.

Mary Kalabokis, Broker/Owner - MTM Real Estate Corp

Our experience with Cape Coral Accounting Service has been wonderful. The team has been professional, understanding, and practical in helping our new business grow. They know our business needs and exceed our expectations. They have a great accounting team, providing great service and professional guidance. I’d highly recommend Cape Coral Accounting Service to any company or individual looking for a trusted accounting firm.

Sara Hynes, The Bending Guys, Inc.

The thing that I like most about Cape Coral Accounting is that they seem to be really good with numbers. And they really like dogs as well. But more importantly, we’ve recently moved our business from NY which involved moving our factory and residence, a stressful time to be sure as we had to maintain business operations in NY in terms of manufacturing and order fulfillment while we were setting up our living environment and re-establishing our factory and training a completely new staff. Along with that comes transferring our LLC’s to Florida, establishing New LLC’s, setting up sales tax, business licenses and maintaining all of the same as we were slammed with a growth spurt that didn’t give us any room to do anything but run the business. If it wasn’t for Lori and Whitney helping as a third hand to say the least, we would have imploded. We are very thankful that they are with us to help keep us on track while we continue to be way to busy to manage the fine details of running a successful business.

Michael Zausner

As a financial intuition we are always looking for business partners to refer our customers to. I have been referring our customers to Cape Coral Accounting for over 5 years. They have always provided excellent service and are a very knowledgeable and professional. We will continue to refer business to Cape Coral Accounting for many years to come.

Cindy James, AVP Branch Manager Capital Bank

I highly recommend Cape Coral Accounting Service for all your personal or business accounting needs. Lori and Whitney are professional and knowledgeable and provide great personalized service!

Susan Turner, Turner Aluminum Inc. - Cape Coral, Fl.

I have been working with Cape Coral Accounting for several years. CCA has a high level of personalized service and expertise that has assisted in decision making when it comes to my small business. This professional guidance has helped through hard times and through times of growth. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for an accounting firm that is trustworthy, knowledgeable, and truly cares about your business.

Robert Hynes, SouthWest Division, Inc.

Cape Coral Accounting has been our personal and business CPA service for many years and we are always satisfied with their over the top service that they have always given us. They are quite efficient and current with all of our needs. We would totally recommend using their service without any hesitation.

Elise Adelman

I am pleased with Cape Coral Accounting Service for their professionalism,expertise,integrity,promptness in doing my personal taxes for the past 12 years.

Rodney Oudi, Lee Mental Health

I am from Canada and a group of us have used Lori’s services for our accounting investments in the US. We had initially researched a number of different accounting services and found Lori to have the most comprehensive knowledge as well as the most competitive rates. Lori has been terrific with prompt replies and highly accurate performance. I have since recommended her to more Canadian investors and will continue to do so. I have been very happy with her services and extensive experience.

Tracy Austin, Ph.D.

I have a business to run in USA. The business I am in is very changeling because currently, I do not live in the USA. Unfortunately, my previous accountant got me into a big mess which was unbelievable. I was very unhappy with their firm as I would never get calls back from them, the filings were late as well as there were mistakes on the files that I discovered. Thanks God, then I found Lori’s website (Cape Coral Accounting LLC). Since I switched to Lori in late 2012, everything has been filed on time and all accounting issues have been cleaned up. She always returns my emails in a timely fashion and is a pleasure to deal with. I highly recommend Lori to anyone looking for an accountant. I have referred several friends to her who are very pleased and continue to use her for their financial needs. Thank you Lori!

Seckin Doganay