Our Mission

Our mission is to help our clients achieve their personal or business goals and dreams using a personal and proactive approach. In other words, “We make your business our business”. Our approach begins with listening to you, asking questions and then working closely with you to develop a solution based on your individual situation. This approach ensures that we understand your concerns and helps us to recognize and deal with a variety of business opportunities.

Because of our approach, we are very different from traditional accounting firms. Since we are different, we are not right for everyone or every business. Those people and businesses that we are right for have seen a significant impact in their income and quality of life. So whether your business is just starting out or has been established for some time, give us a call. Maybe we can assist you in achieving your business goals.

What Cape Coral Accounting Service, Inc. can do for you:

Handle the books for a company up to 100 employees and help you get accurate financial statements and tax returns.

What this means to your company:

You avoid costly delays filing your tax return because your books have to be redone. You keep track of cash on a timely basis. You make sure that you catch errors on your bank statements—and errors in your ledger cash account—before they cost you money. You can get accurate financial information about your company any time you need it.

Prepare your company’s payroll

What this means to your company: You avoid IRS penalties—or even worse, endless IRS correspondence. You help reduce the chance of a costly wage-and-hour audit. You avoid late-filing penalties and interest.

Maximize depreciation for your financial statements and taxes.

What this means to your company:

You get all the Section 179 and depreciation deductions you are entitled to. You maximize company car deductions without inviting an IRS Audit.

Record and cost out your merchandise inventory. Help you avoid costly losses from fraud and theft.

What this means to your company:

You base important decisions on accurate financial data. You avoid problems with the IRS or filing amended returns. You can give your bank, investors or other interested parties accurate financial data.

Call us or email us today and set up an appointment to review your current situation and see whether or not Cape Coral Accounting Service, Inc. would be the best fit for your business.